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Groundhog's Day
Sunday, February 2nd - Beginning at Noon

The Brew Forecast

Groundhog's Day, that magical day of the year when a rodent predicts global weather patterns.

Well, we think Punxsutawney Phil shouldn't get to have all the fun.


 This Groundhog's Day, PERCH PUB will be predicting something much more important then weather...we'll be predicting BEER.

Beginning at  Noon on Sunday, February 2nd we'll be pouring Evolution Bourbon Barrel Winter Migration (representing winter) &  Ithaca White Gold
(representing spring).

The first keg to kick, forecasts six more weeks of that brewery's beer on tap at Perch Pub. So vote with your taste buds, because unlike that pampered groundhog's shoddy predictions... this forecast is guaranteed.




Perch Pub
1345 Locust St

 Philadelphia, PA  19107

(215) 546-4090




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